BEAR Sliding Screen Doors

Custom Sliding Screen Doors

Sliding screen doors are one of the most popular assets to any home with sliding glass doors, patios and pool decks.

Not all sliding screen doors are created equal.

BEAR Sliding Screen Doors roll better and last longer than any other screen door on the market. Many other screen door companies use cheap plastic rollers that will quickly disintegrate, leaving you with an ill-working screen door. We use a steel roller designed to provide the smoothest roll possibly and last longer, even in harsh conditions.

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These beautifully crafted sliding screen doors are built to last with high grade aluminum and come with a limited lifetime warranty on the frame. Our custom sliding screen doors come in 3 colors (white, bronze, and mill).

Our custom sliding screen doors not only allow for generous amounts of natural light to enter your home but also help keep lizards, bugs and other pests at bay.

We also offer different types of screen material to fit your screen doors specific needs. From tiny insect screen to thick durable pet screen as well as solar screen. Bear Screen doors have the right screen for the job.

Types of Screen Mesh

Standard Mesh

The most commonly used window and door screening for new and replacement door and window screens.

Pet Screen

Pet Screen

Got pets? Get Pet Screen. Thicker mesh helps resist scratching from cats or dogs

Insect Screen Mesh

A fine mesh screen material that helps protect against no-see-um, gnats, and other tiny insects.

Solar Screen Mesh

Blocks radiant energy from getting into your home. Can lower your energy bill up to 30%.